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Teessides best D-I-Y store

Who We Are

We are a local company in central Middlesbrough who have been trading for twenty years supplying Diy Products to the public and trade at very competitive prices.We are a very professional company who truly believes the customer is always right.If a customer is not happy we will do our utmost to try and make them happy,if the customer has a problem with one or more of our products then we will solve the problem as quick as it is possible for us to do so.We have a good reputation in our local area and have been developing a good reputation country wide with our online shop.

Why Use Us

If you want a truly professional service, free advice from skilled staff who each specialize in there own particular area of skill, and be assured that if you are not happy with any part of our service or products then we will,without hesitation resolve the issues.We do have a lot of products that are also available at other outlets,maybe you will find some of our products cheaper even,you may not find the same level of professionalism and service in some other stores however.You might also find we have a lot of products you cant find elsewhere as we are buying stock all year round,you can be sure you will definitely see some products within our store that you cant find cheaper elsewhere.Most first time visitors to our store often quote the old saying of 'Aladdins Cave' because of the variety of products available.We are sure you will be pleasantly surprised.

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